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Otis Pistol Cleaning System
Otis Technology, Anti-Fog Lens Swabs
For precision application of the Premium Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner, Otis has the solution! The new Anti-Fog Lens Swabs are cotton swabs filled with Premium Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner. Simply hold the swab with the color ring on top, snap the swab where the color ring is located, and watch the opposite end of the swab fill up with Premium Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner. Then, begin to clean. The Anti-Fog Lens Swabs can be used on scopes, binoculars, glasses, cameras, etc. Just snap and clean!
Otis Anti-Fog Swabs
Introducing the all new...
The 610 cleaning system is specifically designed to clean .22 caliber through .45 caliber pistols. Now automatics can be cleaned correctly, from Breech-to-Muzzle®, without disassembly. 3”, 100% cotton, all-caliber patches and a heavy-duty bore brush easily strip the copper and lead from bores. This pistol cleaning system comes with a .20 caliber & a .30 caliber solid brass slotted tip, a .20 caliber & a .30 caliber obstruction remover; which can be used to clean obstructions out of the bore, a t-handle bar for added comfort while pulling the flexible rod through the barrel, and a bore reflector/flag safety. This kit would not be complete without the .5oz. tube of Otis O85® Ultra Bore® Solvent, and the .38 & .45 caliber bore brushes. Everything is neatly packed in a .5 lb., pocket size, softpack case complete with a belt loop attachment and a locking zipper.
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